PSI Recommendations for Rulemaking under CSA Amendment

I get 10 minutes in front of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) next week to drive home some key points about what they can do to help make drug take-back easier and less expensive. DEA is in the process of developing regulations under the Secure and Responsible Drug Disposal Act of 2010 (see the fact sheet), which we all helped to pass.
Please help me to state your case by endorsing the Recommendations on the Safe Collection, Transport, and Disposal of Controlled Substances statement. This is an updated version of the one we developed in 2009 which was very effective in promoting the changed in federal law. I was told by the Office of National Drug Control Policy that having an updated document and an even longer endorsement list would be very helpful. In addition to bringing this to DEA, I will share it with this key coordinating agency.
We are seeking 100 endorsements by Tuesday morning at 9:30 am EASTERN. Yes, timing is tight, but we want to capture any and all of you out there who are able to turn this around quickly! To sign up as an endorser, please email me at
Thank you all very much! I encourage you to share this with others who are concerned with this issue. Agencies, organizations, and companies are all welcome!

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